Populate a category select list in a datamaster from data entered in another datamaster

Jon shared this question 6 months ago

Hi - hoping someone can help.

I am building a prototype with a datamaster, which has amongst other fields, a field which is a multicategory type. Rather than manually adding values for that field, I would like it to be populated using values input into a text field in a different datamaster. In other words the values for the multicategory field in datamaster 1 would be those values entered into the text field of datamaster 2. I can't see how to do this - can anyone help please?

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1. Choose the 'multi category' option for the Data Master field.


2. Select the Field and click the 'gear' icon, which will open a new dialog.


3. In the dialog, click the '+' icon to add new values to the multi category field.


4. In the Data Master records, double click on a row to select the multi category values to display.


5. Choose the Data Master field for the value of the multi select list.