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Please i need to confirm if Just In Mind allow me create a prototype like this or something related

Answered Lade Gidz Femi 6 years ago

Splendid day everyone

i'm working a project and i want to see if it's possible to implement such in JUST IN MIND

because my developer team are really making it sound impossible

especially the aspect of changing cloth colours and shits..

this is just a basic prototype for the flow - will be expecting your help and assistance.. thanks again.

The link to the file can also be found here..


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Hi Lade,

Can you elaborate more on what you mean? If possible, please describe what is your issue or what do you want to accomplish.



@sonia Please download this https://app.box.com/s/8mcokln7o30dzaxt4fp7xpfg1zocdbvx prototype view i attached in the link it' shows the flow of the design but where my emphasis are laid is on the changing of cloth styles and colors . when you download it and watch it you should understand my question better because this is what is holding my company back from purchasing an enterprise license. thanks again sonia. The scope of the app we are trying to make and build is a fashion base type where the user can change cloth styles and colors on a mannequin i've also attached some screenshots to show what i mean. Thanks again.

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