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placing an image

Answered sherman 6 years ago


1) Is there any difference when I place an image using the widget and using drag and drop?

2) Does the widget use the "include image in prototype" or "link to image" option as seen you drag and drop an image?

3) Which loads an image faster? I have a few 70-80KB images, using the "include image" option makes the page load very slow. In today's technology, taking a few seconds to load 70KB image is kinda impossible..

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Dear Sherman,

1. In case you use the drag & drop option the image will appear with the original size however if you use the widget it will appear with the size that you have set manually with the widget.

2. The option will be applied depending on the one that has been set by default.

3. The fastest option should be the "include image" option.


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