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PIXEL DIMENSION INDICATORS for Elements documentation

In Progress rodm 5 years ago

  1. I have a image mockup for the "landing page" of a site and I have imported it into a screen. I would like to overlay different elements(images, text, etc) on top of the image and create a requirements document that will "PIXEL DIMENSION INDICATORS (i.e. pixel height, width and XY coordinates)" for the spec documentation.
  2. Is there a stencil feature to create basic mockup with the dimensions or should I use the template widget to create and name different elements?

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1. You can try exporting your prototype to HTML, which will generate a folder that contains CSS and Javascript of your prototype.

2. Can you explain a little more about what you're looking to do? Are you trying to create new screens, or are you trying to add new widgets on to your screens to create a design?


I have created a justinmind screen (i.e landing_page screen) that is 1280 px X 3150 px. I have a also created a image(jpg) mockup, that is 1280 px x 3150px) for the "landing page screen". Within this MASTER-image there SUB_SECTION for images, text, tables etc. I would like represent this sections(i.e. text area or image ) by using a GENERIC-placeholder-justinmind-element that would represent the XY coordinate and pixel size of each sub-section. Once I've created placeholders over each

sub-section (i.e. image 1, image 2, text area 1 /see here http://prntscr.com/kfz22f ) I would like to generate a document that has pixel dimensions indicators like a style guide (see here http://prntscr.com/kfz2tj) for a developer.

I know I can create separate elements with Justinmind but this requires I duplicate the MASTER Image layout manually. Also it is not clear I will be able to generate a requirements document with pixel dimensions indicators using different justinmind elements.


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