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Pinch + Dynamic Panel

Solved Victor Conesa 9 years ago

Hi there,

First of all a big THANK YOU to all programmers of this fantastic software. It is really beyond every other software we have tried so far.

Now to the issue. We are creating a prototype for an iPhone app. We want to simulate a quite custom map. Therefore we have created a dynamic panel including a quite large image of our map (e.g. it is including clustered pins). At this stage the user of the prototype can easily scroll/ go over the whole image. This works also great on mobile. Now to simulate zoom, we want to to use the pinch open gesture on the dynamic panel (we also tried it directly on the image) to open another dynamic panel with a more zoomed picture of our map.

And exactly now the problem occurs. As soon as we have set any event with gestures, we are unable to scroll/ go over the whole image, while now the gesture works fine. So far we were unable to combine successfully a gesture with scrolling in a dynamic panel.

Now I saw another post (which I unfortunately cannot find at the moment) that this was a already known bug about a year ago and promised to be fixed in the next update back then. So I believe we might do something wrong in our workflow and would love to know how we can set up our scenario properly.

I know we could also use another element (e.g. a "+") to simulate the zoom, but we would love to keep the prototype experience as close as possible to the real app experience.

Thank you so much.

Best regards,


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Hello Jan,

We're sorry to hear you're experiencing trouble using Justinmind. In order to fully assess the behavior you are receiving, we would be grateful if you could send your system specifications and prototype file.




Hello Luisa,

Thank you very much for your prompt reply. I just sent an email.

Thank you very much.

Best regards,


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