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Paste events on multiple items

Under Consideration Adam Diestelkamp 6 years ago

Currently if I want to add the same action to multiple objects I have to select each object individually and paste the events to it, would love to be able to select multiple objects and paste the event(s) to them all.

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This is killing me today with how much extra work it causes. Any ideas for workarounds? Example, I want every item in a drop down list to collapse the table, I have to copy and paste that event to every cell and every piece of content in the cell that I want to be clickable. If I could select all of them and paste or clear once... that would be luxurious.

This causes something that could be done in 1 step to be done in 15 different steps...


It look like you're beyond this suggestion at this point, but for the future, I try to work out ahead of time when I'm going to have items with virtually identical events attached to them. I'll create the first item with the event, then duplicate the item. The duplicate item will include the action. That goes the same for setting styling, size, position, etc.

Hope that helps.

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