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Open a link in the same popup?

Answered Victor Conesa 10 years ago


on my first screen, I have a link that opens in popup (1000X550). In this popup, I have a link that points to a 3rd window, but the link does not open in the popup window, but in full screen. How can I do?

thank you

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Just basically do the same thing you did when you link the popup screen 2 from screen 1.

Say you already have a screen 1 that has a link to popup screen 2. Then on screen 2, just add a link that opens your screen 3 in a popup window.

NOTE: to open your screen in a pop up window, click Add event -> Link to -> on the bottom check the Open in a popup window, then adjust the size of your screen -> click OK



Thanks for your help

I'm sorry but it doesn't work for me ( version 4.6).

- On my first page, i have a link who open another page in PopUp

- On my second page (PopUp), i have another link :

- if this link is "link to -> Internal screen" , the page in open in a full page (so not in the popup)

- if this link is "link to -> Open in Popup Window", the page is open in a new window, not in the internal sceen.

If you want, i can upload a *.vp file (but here's i just can add Image)



Hi Nicolas,

please, send your prototype to us.

Best regards.


Thanks, i've just dit it



It works with Chrome but not with Firefox 22 or IE9


Hi! Is there an update about this issue? I have the same problem (using latest version 7.9.0).

What I need is:

- Screen 1 (in the main tab) links to Screen 2, which must open in a new tab (tab 2)

- Screen 2 links to Screen 3, which must open in the same tab 2

the idea would be like having a group of pages that should all open in the same tab 2, without closing the main tab.

What Im getting is:

- Screen 2 is opening in the other tab (tab 2). therefore both screens 1 and 2 are visible.

- Once I click the CTA in the screen 2, the tab 2 disappears and the screen 3 opens in the main tab. therefore only screen 3 is visible.

Is there a solution for this?


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