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show a button based on datalist row

Answered Victor Conesa 8 years ago

Hi, ive been trying to figure out how when a specific row in a datalist is selected to show a button do I need to check for all of the values in that row or can I look for just one of them?


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Hi there,

First, create the 'on click' event for the element on which you are going to click (this will work must successfully if you put it on an 'Input' value with the outcome 'Show' for the hidden button.

Then create a condition. First, drag the 'Input' value into the expression builder. Then drag an '=' sign, then write in the empty text the value of the Input. This will look like When [Input value] = 'Click to show button' or some variation depending on what you have written in the input value. This specifies that the button will only be shown when that specific input is clicked.

Hope this helps.




ok thanks that worked great

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