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onClick applied to an whole dynamic panel does not fire when click area is on an object inside

In Progress Adam Diestelkamp 6 years ago

Current Behavior:

onClick applied to an whole dynamic panel does not register if the click area is on top of an object (with no events tied to it) inside the dynamic panel.

Expected Behavior:

I can click anywhere on the dynamic panel (unless I click on an object inside the panel that does have a different event tied to it) and the onClick event fires.

Example Image: When I click on the icon or the text the event won't fire even though the event is applied to the panel that contains those elements. I have to click outside the icon and text to get it to work, which means I would have to replicate the events on every object which is a waste of time.

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Running into this more, I'm creating a simple custom tab navigation and I am using dynamic panels for layout. I'm applying the event to the panel but that means when I click on the "text" in the tab the events don't fire. I have to add those events to the panel and to the text which creates extra work to do and maintain any updates.


This is killing me today, way to much work.


Hi Adam,

Instead of applying the event to the dynamic panel itself, try putting a hotspot within the dynamic panel and apply the event to that. Then you won't need to create an event for both the panel and the object inside it.



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