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On Variable Change not working on Desktop when compared to Mobile

Solved Julian Dyer 5 years ago


I have created a timer using the same method that works on the mobile canvas, but does not work on the desktop.

The method for creating this defect is as follows:

1. Set variable 'countdown' to 11.

2. On screen layer, Set a Page Load variable to change to 10.

3. On the text layer, set Variable Change to -1 from Countdown variable when countdown is equal or greater than 1.

4. Repeat as above, but with a 1000ms time after linking the two interactions.

5. Create a rectangle that will show when countdown = 0

Required behaviour

To create a countdown timer that reaches zero and displays a box on a Desktop canvas.

Current behaviour

This works as expected on the mobile canvas, but when replicated on the Desktop canvas, the timer only counts down once, and does not detect the variable change to trigger the 1000ms change on the text - thus, the timer does not count down.

Expected behaviour

That the same method for creating this timer should work on the Desktop canvas, as it does on the Mobile canvas.

Attached files

Mobile and Desktop canvases with the same method used on both.

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Hi Julian,

When looking at the files, we see that this isn't a bug, rather, the destination of one of the set value events is the text and not the variable, and that's causing the timer to fail. For the 'desktop timer' prototype, look to Text_1, and change the second Set Value event to set the value to the variable and not the text. That should fix things.




Oh yeah..🙈 Thanks!


No worries! It was an easy thing to miss.

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