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on drag move event

Solved MR REDHAT 7 years ago

actually i face some problem i extremely need some help, i create this prorotype but the problem is at the screen number 13 i create an event [(on drag) (move)] but after creating , while i simulate , the drug and move option doesn't work.. please help i upload a .vp file in this zip file.. please help me

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Hi there,

Can you describe what are you trying to accomplish at screen 13?


Sonia Durán


actually in screen 13 i have 5 + 9 = 9, and i want to move 1 stick of 9 then drag that stick into 5 then it become 6+3=9 e42a56a3b12776d485de420f63978a099

i applied drag and move event but it doesn't work . :( :( :(

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