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On Click Event - Create new Screen

Answered Jennys94 5 years ago

Hello guys,

I am trying to prototype my first app at the moment. What I want to realize is a Data table with individually clickable rows.

What I mean is:

- user inputs are shown in table row

- this table row should be clickable and lead to further information

What is my problem:

- Can I use a form (user inputs) to create a new screen automatically?

- Can each created table row lead to another newly created screen?

I noticed that I can only add a link-to-event when I use an existing screen or adding one before simulating.

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No, you will not be able to create new screens with events. Instead, for what you're looking to do, you should just create one screen, but change the information on the screen depending on which table row you clicked. This example should help with getting started.

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