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"Not enough Memory" when exporting to Docx - pdf

Known Kelvin McDaniel 6 years ago

I have attempted twice to export to Docx/pdf and both times it has taken about an hour to process and at the end it has told me "There is not enough Memory." The first time I did this It deleted two days of saved work I couldn't recover. The second time that didn't happen but the pop up at the end telling me that I had wasted the last hour waiting on it remained the same "There is not enough Memory."

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Dear Kelvin,

We're sorry you're encountering this. Has your prototype a big amount of screens/events and elements? If that's the case that could be the reason why you are experiencing this memory issue. A workaround would be to split your prototype into two pieces or reducing the amount of elements per screen/high resolution images.


Sonia Durán

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