Need to simulate file upload

Patrick McDonough shared this question 7 years ago

Is there a widget for simulating a file upload from the users computer?

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Yes, you have a file upload input file in Widgets inside the Input group. Looks like a file and a magnifying glass.



I need to know which type if image files are supported by the file upload widget.

Secondly, I've noticed that the path were false when the prototype is opened with safari or firefox. With Firefox, when choosing an image with the browse, only the image's name is displayed in the browser's label. With safari, the image's name is preceded by a strange path (for example C:fakepathImage.jpg ) wherever you took the file. So you have to create the file C:fakepath and copy the file in there to have it working.

The only way to have it working is to use it with internet explorer.. Is it possible to change something to get it working on the others internet browsers?

Thank you for your answer!

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