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Need to perform bulk update on specific rows in a data list

Answered prototype user 6 years ago

i need to perform a bulk update from a data list based on the value of user-defined fields for each row (Ie..e, when the value for a given row is "a" then the given row should be deleted, else it should not). Please advise.

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Hi Rechell,

First, look at this tutorial to learn how to perform data master delete actions: https://www.justinmind.com/support/delete-rows-from-a-data-list-in-your-web-prototypes/

Instead of having the event be an 'on click' event, have it be 'on key up' for the user defined field. Then, create a condition for this event that is When... [user defined field] = 'a' (or whatever value you'd like).

Hope this helps.



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