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navigation tree does not remember position

Answered Victor Conesa 9 years ago

- I'm using the navigation tree in the template for all my screens

- Specific branches link to screens

Major problem:

each time the user goes down the tree and clicks on the branch and the new screen is loaded, the position of the branch is gone!

(imagine this when drilling down 7 levels and you have to start all over)

Any suggestion how this can be solved? As of now, the tree control is completely useless for "catalog" navigation.

The workaround would be to have only one master screen and to load all the other screens in a dynamic panel. But that would defy the reason for linking screens..

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Hello Jacques,

Unfortunately, the tree will reset on page load, as the state of the clicked node is not saved automatically. However, you may use a variable in this instance to save the clicked item. Essentially, before the link happens, store the value of the node in a variable when clicked. Then, have an on page load event within the template that highlights the node with a change style action that corresponds to the value. I have created a prototype for your use that demonstrates this. If you would like to take a look, you may send an email to us.



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