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My question is can I add a background video (full page width) within the wireframe to show it working to the team

Answered Victor Conesa 8 years ago

almost like an animated gif but more smooth a background video at the head of the landing page that loops in a 15 sec time frame I was thinking using the html tag but I dont want controls. I thought swf but the load time defeats the object so unless a tutorial exists then it cant be done I guess. I want it to function like this https://mobirise.com/bootstrap-templa...

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Hi Sanjit,

Unfortunately this won't be possible as HTML widgets are 'Always on Top', meaning that you couldn't have any other events on the page where the video is loaded.




It's ok I emulated it by changing a video to an animated gif works exactly how I wanted it to in the HQ wireframe


I need to create interactive information on top of video. I wonder if that is possible with Axure.. :(

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