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Multiple Screen Import from Adobe XD?

Need Answer Smortier 4 years ago

I've used the Justinmind plugin in Adobe XD to create a .vp file for import into Justinmind. The issue is that it only brings in one artboard (and not even the artboard I've selected or marked for export). Is there a way to export multiple artboard/screens from XD to Justinmind? Or do I have to create a new XD file for each screen?

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The plugin will export all artboards - there is no option currently to only select some to export. Does the problem of only some artboards exporting occur for any file in particular, or is it any XD file? If it's just one, it would be really helpful if you could attach it here so we can check this out. You can compress it to .zip/.rar format to attach it here.

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