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Multiple page responsive website

Not a Problem Michael Sheun 7 years ago

Hi I am wanting to create a responsive website with 4 pages. I have had a look at the 3 turtorials in the support section which I'm finding hard to follow but they only show how to make a single page responsive. Where you have to create a desktop, tablet and mobile screen version then add events to each screen, linking desktop to tablet, tablet to mobile and then mobile to tablet and tablet to desktop.

How do I add more pages? Will I have to create the 3 screens (Desktop, Tablet & Mobile) for the 2nd page? and how do you link them. So for example on the home Desktop screen on a non responsive prototype its simple to link to the next page but as there will be 3 different screen versions for the 2nd page which one would you link too, the Desktop?

So if you have resized your browser and its in mobile view on the homepage then you click on the 2nd page which is linked to the desktop will it go from a mobile view to desktop view?

Sorry if this sounds really confusing but I hope you will understand what I mean.


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Hi Michael,

While you could take that approach, as you noted, you'll need to create a bunch of different pages. Another way of doing this is to have events that detect the size of the screen you're viewing the prototype from (web vs. mobile vs. tablet) and then resize elements of the canvas to fit that screen size. Check this tutorial to learn more: https://www.justinmind.com/support/how-to-prototype-adaptive-layouts-for-your-web-and-mobile-apps/



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