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Multiple Input Field in Datamaster

In Progress Rivai 3 years ago

Hi Support

Im trying to figure out how to display multiple pricing in one parameter from data masters.

Im trying to avoid to use 2 different fields. One for wholesale and the other one for retail. Im thinking if it can put it one pricing field with 2 different input fields in datamasters.

Doesnt look like it's possible. But please let me know if there is another way of doing it.



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Would you be able to give an example of what that would ideally look like? I'm not sure of exactly what you're looking to do.


Hi Danielle

Its quite simple. For example multicategory where i can have 2 different value in single field, Altho in this case what im looking for is something i type in manually since the value will be different for every items. I realize this is not possible for now, i ended up using 2 different field for 2 different pricing value.


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