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Multiple Field Search

Solved Rivai 3 years ago

I have been trying to look and look for the past questions and also some tutorials on advanced searching.

I need to search multiple field across datalist.

1. Let's say i have select 6 fields of data to display

2. For example. Field 1 = Engine Mounting, Field 2 = BMW F22

I need to create a function when i type in the search field "engine mounting F22", it will display the result accordingly. For now it can only search in 1 field only. I need this to be flexible.

This function is very important in the prototype. It's one of the main goal. Is there any way to achieve this.



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You can achieve something similar, but this exact kind of search would be quite complicated. You would need to create an expression that sorts through every letter in the input field to see what values match in the Data Master. Instead, you can create expressions that progressively search through the Data Master, but the values entered in the input fields will need to match what's entered in the Data Master.

The example we attached works by filtering the Data Master according to each attribute if that filter would return any results. If it doesn't return any results, it doesn't use that filter.


Hi Danielle

Yes this works! Been trying to find this so much. As this is a prototype i can live with the slight limitation on having to fully type as how it appears in data master and not partial. It's the developers job later on to fully implemented the intention, this is just to show what we need, it's a prototype after all.

Thank you Danielle, you rocks!



Great! Glad we could help out.

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