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Multiple Choice Form HELP

Solved John 6 years ago

Hi All,

very new to justinmind, finding it fascinating at the moment, but having problems.

I have been given a task to create a form.

Here's what I need:

Drop down menu with 2 choices

Each choice then gives drop down menu of 8 choices

Each of these choices then gives other choices (numberundetermined at the moment)

Dependant on which choices above are chosen I then need to finish with a tick box selection and submit form so that all options which were chosen can be submitted to us.

Atthe moment, event trigger on 1st drop down activates same choice regardless of choice chosen.

Im using dynamic windows and think i'm just confused with events/conditions.

Any help would be much appreciated


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Hi John,

If possible, can you attach the .vp file you're working on so we can assist more directly with this?




Hi Danielle,

Please see just a test run I have done. This is going to go much deeper but once I get the concepts I should be good.

I have put paragraphs on each panel to show what is needed.

I will email file as the attach option below is telling me .vp is incorrect file type.

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