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Moving the database between projects.

Answered Turbanski 5 years ago

There is a similar topic from 7 years ago, in which there appeared a reply informing about the possibility of exporting "Data masters" but at the present moment I could not solve my problem.

The project which I create is very extensive, that is why new functionalities of the application are created as a new project and then import its individual scr into the main project.(it's about shortening the simulation time)

If my project has an extensive date list, unfortunately it is not included when exporting / importing individual scr between projects.

Is there a way to also export a date list with data masters? Or at least Data Masters ? (I'm not just talking about records)

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You can do this by exporting and importing a prototype. For the prototype with the Data Master and Data List on a screen, go to File -> Export -> Prototype, and you can choose which screens to include as well as the Data Master.

Then for new projects, you can go to File -> Import -> Prototype, and you'll be able to import that prototype with the Data Master included.


thank you, I did not suppose that the export of the project can be partial. A great program, indeed.

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