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Moving objects within a dynamic panel using mouse/cursor pushes them off the panel onto the canvas

Solved Rachel McFadden 7 years ago

I am creating a prototype for an iPhone app, and I am using a lot of dynamic panels, so this is a very frustrating problem. Whenever I want to add something to a dynamic panel, I double click or 'activate' the panel for editing, and then I insert the object/text/image, and it shows up under the dynamic panel in outline as it should. But when I grab the object with the mouse (say for example if I wanted to move it to the bottom of the screen instead of the top) as soon as I let go of the cursor and drop the object somewhere else on the screen, the object jumps off the dynamic panel and to the very top of the canvas in outline.

I know I can just move the object using the properties panel, but this takes a very long time especially when I need to move the object a long distance from one end of the screen to the other. It seems very unintuitive that we are unable to simply drag and drop an object within a panel without completely messing up the order of layers.

And on top of this problem, if I accidentally move an object with the mouse without thinking and do not notice that it has jumped off the panel, and then I want to put it back in its correct panel later on, cutting and pasting the object always puts it in the uppermost left corner and not in the place it originally was, so I am left with the original problem of not being able to move it back to its spot with my mouse, and having to use the properties panel again to move it point by point. This is incredibly irritating and time consuming and is making the whole prototyping process very difficult.

How can I fix this?

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How was this solved? I have the same issue.


Apologies for the delay - it looks like this was probably marked solved when we imported topics over from our previous forum.

We're working on improving the process for dragging elements in and out of Dynamic Panels. Unfortunately I don't have any solutions for this right now, but you could manually type in the coordinates of the position where you're trying to move the element.

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