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mouseleave event not working in text table inside dynamic panel

Solved Itsme Salwa 4 years ago


I have a text table which is inside a dynamic panel. When I added a mouseleave event to the dynamic panel, nothing happens in the simulation. I tried adding a hotspot inside the dynamic panel, doesn't work. Tried adding it outside the dynamic panel, doesn't work.

Basically, I am trying to simulate a drop-down menu, where a sub-menu is displayed when the mouse is over a menu item and the sub-menu closes when the mouse leaves the sub-menu.

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It should work. Can you attach the .vp file here so we can check this out? You can compress it to .zip/.rar format to attach it here.


Thanks, but i found a workaround. I just added a mouseover event on the backgound image to close the sub-menu.

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