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More keyboard shortcuts, esp. for resizing...

Completed Dave 9 years ago

You're no doubt familiar with Balsamiq Mockups — it's like a tiny itty-bitty baby version of Justinmind. I used it for years before realizing that we needed richer interactions in our wireframes.

One of its great features is that once a component is selected, in addition to moving it in 1- or 10-pixel increments (actually, in Balsamiq, 20-pixel for some odd reason), you can also resize the selected element by holding down a different modifier key and pressing down or right. It's very handy.


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Since the components menu got placed under View, I'd like a keyboard shortcut for turning on/off "Components Marked as Hidden" - something like "Ctrl+Shift+H" since "Ctrl+H" marks a component as hidden.

It'd also be nice to have a Keyboard Shortcut menu item under Help instead of having to search for them.

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