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Modification of a text police or size, in a text table, is not always working with the upper menu

In Progress Jonathan Serex 6 years ago


I would like to report the following issue :

The change of a text police, or size, in a text table, is not working properly with the upper menu of justinmind.

Randomly, some action are taken into consideration and some not. I cannot find any logic in this behavior. Quite frustrating !

See the attached video as a demonstration of this issue.

Strangely, I do not face any issue when my text is edited with the properties menu, in this case the text modification is always working.

I'm on the PC version of JIM.

Thank you in advance for your support !


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Hi Jonathan,

Thanks for reporting this. We are aware of this issue and have been working to fix it, but unfortunately don't have a set date for the fix because, as you noted, the issue is difficult to reproduce.




Thanks for the prompt feedback Dani.

Hope you can find a solution soon.

All the best !

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