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Mobile prototype and custom screen size: Bad rendreing size with mobile assets?

In Progress Joly Laurent 4 years ago

I want to create a prototype for Android pixel 3a and the screen size is 2200px X 1080px.


So I set this size when creating the mobile project.

Ok, but when I put android components on it, their size seems so small (even the app bar and network icons).

I think this is not a correct rendering.

See the the screenshot from justinmind preview.

Is this a bug or I am doing that wrong?

Many thanks for help!

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Justinmind scales down the screen sizes so they're easier to work with. Try dividing the screen sizes by 3 and changing your device size to those dimensions. As long as you tick the 'fit to screen size' simulation setting, it should all scale correctly on the actual device.


Thank your Banielle for your answer ,

However, I d'ont understand the response to scale of downgrade by 3?

Is this to resolve a common trouble on every device specification or only is my need ?

Can you explain that?

Thank you for your time


Sorry, to clarify:

Divide the screen dimensions by 3 or 2, so the screen size could now be:

733x 360 (2200 x 1080 divided by 3)


1100 x 540 (2200 x1080 divided by 2)

You can do this for high resolution phone screens or tablets so that it's easier to prototype

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