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Mobile app "Chat" button animation

Answered Victor Conesa 8 years ago

I am trying to prototype a chat button that, after a loadpage pause, slides up from the bottom, slides down out of view when the user scrolls, and then slides back up, after a pause, when the user stops scrolling. (Not uncommon in mobile apps.)

I've tried various things but can't seem to get even the initial OnPageLoad pause to work, and as for sliding the button down on scroll, I'm really stuck.

I have a prototpye file to share, but it doesn't appear I can add it to the post? Any chance you can help? I'm usually ok at decomposing your example files into what I need, but not this time.

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Hi Stephen,

We'd be glad to help. You can send us your prototype through our support site, which you can find here: http://support.justinmind.com/access/...



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