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Menu not hiding and not transparent

In Progress Emma Fay 6 years ago

I followed this tutorial and I'm having two major problems which I just can't figure out!


I downloaded the exemplar menu and that works fine in simulation, but mine doesn't, even though I've followed the instructions on the guide to a T and then compared my table with the downloaded version.

Firstly, the menu tables aren't hiding. They are there in the simulation. I'm sure the problem is in the table menu navigation, because the links and mouseover events are working fine on the 'drop-down' elements of the table, but they're just not responding to the 'hide' event on the main navigation menu. I've attached an image of how it looks in simulation.

Secondly, the table background isn't transparent, even though I've selected 'transparent'. It's appearing as white in the editor and in simulation.

Please help! I'm going mad trying to figure this out.

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Hi Emma,

First, make sure you've configured the condition correctly.

Second, the background of the table may actually be transparent, but it will be difficult to tell if you're using a white background for the page itself.

You could attach the file here in .rar or upload it to a file sharing service like Dropbox and we could take a look and help work things out, if you'd like.



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