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Master (button) not showing up in data grid

In Progress Kerry Russo 6 years ago

I am using a data grid to display a product list with each cell made up of a thumbnail, product name, description, price, and add to order button. The add to order button is a master object/widget. On the button's master canvas, I have the top-left at the origin. The button is 86 x 29 pixels.

There's a few visual indicators that I'm seeing that may help in figuring out what's wrong.

1. When I add the button to the grid_cell, it is slightly desaturated looking to compared with what it looks like when viewing it alone.

2. When I drag the button around in the grid cell, the bounding box outline is reporting a smaller size than the actual size. As I mentioned above, the button is 89 x 29 px but it's being reported as 57 x 19 when dragging.

Then ultimately, when I press simulate. I'm not seeing the button in the cells.

Please let me know if you need more details.

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Hi Kerry,

Thanks for reporting this. Unfortunately it's a little difficult to visualize the issue. If possible, could you attach the .vp file here so we can take a closer look? You can attach it in .rar format, or upload it to a file sharing service like Dropbox and link to it here. It the prototype contains sensitive information you wouldn't like to be public, you can send it to us.



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