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Marking Comments as Complete

Under Consideration Tim Cerami 7 years ago

I would like the ability to mark a set of comments as closed so we know there is nothing else needed. Ideally, the closed comment would appear in a different color on the simulation. Also, it should say who close it and when.

I know HotGloo has a similar feature and it was one that we liked. We're all on JIM now and would love such a feature.



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Hi Tim,

Great suggestion! It has been transfered to our development team so they can take into account for future updates.


Sonia Durán


Hoping to float this one to the top. This is a big deal. When you've got a LOT of reviewers, it doesn't take long before the tool is completely useless because of the noise of all the comments. If while iterating through requested changes you could hide completed comments by default, that would be AMAZING!!!

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