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tommy.boisvert shared this problem 5 years ago

It seems to be impossible to delete comments. I can delete comments from JustInMind (the app) but when I sync the project, comments are always added back to the prototype. And from the web interface, I can see for example that there are 5 comments but there is no way to see those comments and delete them from the web, so that they won't come back at the next synchronization. In my JustInMind app I kept only 2 comments, but I always got three more when I sync, even if I delete those comments from the app. Reference # is 0 for comments I deleted.

Also there is a bug in the user interface (Mac, version 6.3). When I click Delete, that open the Comments window full screen. There is no icon or no button to close this full screen window. It looks like we are stuck in that window (with search fields at the top). When I click on "User Interface" at the top-right, nothing happens but after 4-5 seconds I can see the general user interface so that's good. It's really not obvious how to leave that window (Comments - full screen).



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I'm also having this issue. I'm working with a shared prototype, and delete the comments I've already addressed. I commit the changes and get a dialog showing communication with the server. You'd think that means they're getting deleted in the shared version, but when I try to replace the published version it pulls in the old comments again. It's a never-ending cycle.


Ok, so I found a solution (albeit unintuitive). You have to go into settings -> Justinmind account and deselect 'Synchronize comments before resharing.' This will allow you to publish a new version without first pulling in the old comments.

The only risk is if somebody is commenting at the very moment you push the new version you will lose that comment. I also re-select the option after I clean out the old comments to protect myself in the event I forget to pull comments before re-sharing in the future.


I also found a way to bypass this problem (3 months ago), and JustInMind is supposed to improve everything related to comments (this is what the customer support told me). Currently, this one of the weakest area of Prototyper. Management of comments needs a complete redesign to be useful in real life, to be able to collaborate efficiently.