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Making Tabs or Navigation Bar - The fast way!

Under Consideration Victor Conesa 8 years ago

Hi all,

As a lot of you are aware, simulating tabs in JIM is tedious because there is no way to groups a set of buttons to behave like radio buttons. The JIM tutorial suggest to duplicate all the graphics for each panel and change the selected graphics. This is not efficient and a nightmare if you need to change graphics or text labels.

There are several workaround but most are based on the need to change the style of each tab when clicked and that is still a problem.

My suggestion is to forget style change and make a single selected tab graphics and simply MOVE it to the needed located.

- The tabs can reside OUTSIDE the dynamic panel

- No duplication of graphics

- Simple editing

1. Make a static normal tab graphics for all tabs

2. Above it, make a single selected tab graphics

3. Above all, make a text label for one tab (bounding box size as the tab graphics).

4. Add event to the text label - when clicked, move the selected tab graphics to the (relative) label position.

5. Duplicated the text label to the other tabs and thats it.

See attached image.

Hope this helps for some of you.


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Very clever, thanks!


Thanks for sharing! never had to manage so many tabs but its still probably the best approach for anything over 4 tabs.


Thank you!!!



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