Make a way to view all Interactions in a canvas.

Abel Allison shared this idea 9 years ago

It becomes easy to very quickly lose track of which objects have which interactions, especially events that are triggered on Page Load (since you can assign a page load interaction to any object).

It would be awesome to have a way to track all interactions, similar to the outline view.

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Yep, good suggestion. Meanwhile as a workaround you can generate the Customized report and see all the interactions listed there


Done in version 5.5


Sorry for commenting to such an old topic, but was the customized report done in version 5.5 or the suggested feature? As I am not able to find it anywhere as of 8.1.0.

And, frankly speaking, the report feature is not very useful as the generated list does not include:

1) the names of the target variables for On Variable Change events

2) the names of the controls that events/interactions are connected to, only the numbers which can be seen on screen captures which is not always convenient especially when dynamic panels are used.

Without this information, it cannot serve as a reference.