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Maintaining the toggle last state

In Progress Rivai 3 years ago

I have data grid link to data list. I have one element inside data grid with toggle function for hide and show. The problem is every time i move to next list of data, that element doesnt maintain the hidden state and always revert to show no matter what. I thought it can maintain whatever the last state it. How to achieve this ?


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Data list (compact list) -> data grid (detail list). The toggle element is inside the data grid.

Just for clarification



You could create another action when you paginate the Data List that will hide the elements again. If you set them to occur at the same time, it should stay hidden.

Alternatively, you could make the hidden state the default instead of the shown state.


Well, in that case it still doesnt maintain the last state. What if my last state is "show" instead of hide. And this behavior occurs when i select the data in the table not even when paginate.

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