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Maintain Open/Closed State of Items in Outline

Under Consideration eggroll 5 years ago


It would be great if the open/closed state of items in the outline that contain sub-items, as indicated by the rotating arrow icon (e.g. groups, dynamic panels, etc.), was maintained when switching back and forth between screens.

Since my outlines often contain dozens of items, some deeply nested, if I switch to another screen simply to quickly reference something, then switch back, everything in my outline that was expanded is now collapsed. This causes me to then have to navigate back to the item I was working on through multiple clicks. If I have to switch back and forth between screens frequently, which I often do, this becomes extremely tedious and time consuming.

Not sure if I requested this before, but such a feature would speed up my prototyping process immensely.



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I've sent this suggestion to our team as well. Thanks Tim!

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