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links issue in the simulation screen

Solved Marie Cailly 7 years ago


I'm trying justinmind for my company and the tool is great !

For example, I created 3 mobile screens.

1 -The first one should include an event on the menu (on tap, show, with a slide left effect).

2 - Screen 1 should be linked to the 2d screen through an event (on scroll, link)

3 - an element of screen 2 should link to the 3rd screen (on tap, link)

On the simulation screen :

Effect 1 does not work and I think my second screen has become the main one.

Effect 3 The Link I have added just shows a short view and isnot redirecting to the 3rd screen.

I can't browse between the screens

Can you help me ?

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Hi Marie Callie,

Your issues are very specific and it really depends on how you have configured the events. Make sure that you are seting the events correctly and selecting the correct elements at the events manager.

Also, you can have a look into our Support section http://www.justinmind.com/support . There you will find a big amount of tutorials and examples that you will be able to apply to your prototype.


Sonia Durán

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