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Linking Login Conditional Status to Template Show/Hide Display

Answered Victor Conesa 9 years ago

Hi JIM -

I have a mobile "gear" menu built into my master template. I would like to switch between LOGIN and Manage Account as menu option depending on whether the user has successfully logged in.

I have the login condition working on a screen but can't figure out how to link this condition to a show/hide element function within a dynamic panel in my master template.

More info available if necessary.

Short Part 2 or 3 of question.

Part 2 - Once a condition is created, can it be applied to any event, even if that screen/template/master etc. has nothing to do with the conditional event (such as things becoming available throughout the application on login condition.)

Part 3 - And once a condition has been established, is there shorthand conditional reference that can be used going forward - such as Users (Data Master) = 1??


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Hello MacDara,

I'd be happy to explore the available options for your specific case and implement them in your prototype. In order to do so, it would be helpful if you could provide the .vp file.

As for the additional inquiries, here's is some information that may be of use:

Part 2- You can use the gear icon next to the when link in the events panel to copy conditions. However, they may not be of use if not applicable.

Part 3 - Unfortunately, there is no shorthand way to do so. However, you can copy events through the events panel to make duplication easier.



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