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Linked images not updating

Known Bart Popenoe 7 years ago

I've created a prototype which uses many linked images. During development I tested to make sure that when I updated the images in my external program, the linked images would automatically update in my prototype.

Now I have to update my prototype with new images but I'm finding that the linked prototype images no longer update when I change them in the external software (Illustrator). As this means that I will have to manually update over 400 images in my prototype! I'm trying to find a way to force the image refresh without having to manually re-link over 400 images.

Also, JustInMind does NOT show that the links are broken, as described in the Help documentation. HELP!

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Hi Bart,

That's odd. Can you make sure that you haven't changed the path where the images were stored.?

Also if possible, can you send me a screenshot of any screen of your prototype that contains link images?


Sonia Durán

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