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Link Data Master to different screens

Answered Myla 4 years ago

Is there a way to make each line of a data master link to separate screen? For example, I have a list of names, and for each name I would like it to go to a different record (screen). So if John Doe is the first person in the Data Master, surfaced on a Data List, if I click on him it should go to a screen with John Doe's information. If I click on Sally Smith, it goes to a screen with Sally Smith's information. Basically, each line in the Data Master links to a different screen.

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Sure - just add an "On Click" + "Link to" event to Current_Row_1 of a Data List, and have it link to the John Doe screen. Then, click the 'add condition' text and drag the 'Name' input in the Data List into the open space in the expression, followed by the '=' function. Finally, write in 'John' in the last open space. Then, click the 'Else' text and add the same event, linking to the Sally screen. Create the same condition, changing the text you type at the end to 'Sally'.

Alternatively, you could just have one screen that you link to, and you change the information of the screen depending on which name you clicked.

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