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Link 2 or more data Master differents

Answered kaitozala 6 years ago


I have create 2 data master differents, it's possible to link the data master because i have create 2 data list with their contains differents ( differents informations) and i have create a search bar. For example my first data master contain is (date, name, age)

(22/08/96,toto, 17)

and my second data master is (object, sport, animals) (phone, tennis, cat). this informations are link

When i put the elements in search bar for example toto, i want le second list link with the informations (first data master)

It's is possible ?



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Hi Kaitozala,

You will need to add to both datamasters an identification column that permits to link both (primary key). Then you will be able to filter (see at the expression builder) the second data master using the first datamaster id column.


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