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Link each row in a data list to a different screen?

Answered Victor Conesa 8 years ago

I am prototyping a real-time predictive search. One of interactions I am trying to figure out is, once I use the search bar to filter the item, how do I assign a specific link for a row in a data list to a different screen.

For example

_________search bar





I type in pears and pears appears in my search filter, how do I link pears to another screen?

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Hi Lili,

Our predictive search tutorial will show you how to implement this feature. Essentially, a filter action is placed on the data master after any key is pressed. If you like, you can have the filter linked to a specific key as well. You may find the tutorial here:


If you would like to create something more similar to what Google search does, you can have the HAS function specify a specific name. For example, if search box value HAS 'sports', then filter to show all sports (basketball, football, etc.).

Then if you want to link the value into anther screen you will need to set an event that when "onclick" - "link to" any other screen.

Hope this has been able to help.


Sonia Durán

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