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Licensing Question

In Progress Ronnie Allen 7 years ago

We have four users that have used the trial version. We have upgraded to an enterprise license. I have add the other users on our enterprise license. However, their trial license has expired and can not longer get into their local Justinmind. How do we get them set up on the enterprise license? Also, in the User Management tab of our online account, it shows each of them as "Activated in 0 of 2 computers".

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Hi Ronnie,

They should open Justinmind, login to their online account, and select the Enterprise license option. They're shown as activated in 0 of 2 computers since they're not using the licensed account yet.

However, since you're an Enterprise user, you should have access to our customer support portal. I have added you there as a user, and you'll receive an activation email soon.



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