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Layout links/buttons in simulation

Answered Shane Knysh 7 years ago

When I run a prototype (Simulate) on the right hand side there is a 'Screens' sidebar with the layouts.For the Zeni demo there are 4 layouts. Desktop, Tablet, Mobile Landscape, Mobile Portrait.

If I export a prototype to HTML clicking on the links changes the simulation to use the given layout. But when I run a prototype by clicking 'Simulate' clicking the layout links/buttons will change the layout to the clicked layout but it will immediately revert to the size of the displayed window. Is there a way to have the Simulate have the same behaviour as the export?


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Hi Shane,

This prototype example is adaptive, that means that adapts the content depending of the size of the window during simulation. This behaviour should be the same when exporting to html. Can you confirm that you are visualizing the prototype adapted to the screen when exported to html? If not, please can you create a video capture to see what are you exactly visualizing?




Hi Sonia!

I missed your reply. If I resize the window it does change to the appropriate view. What I was hoping for would be the ability to click on a size and have the view displayed without having to resize the window. This almost works as when you click on the size it does display the selected view but then it reverts to the view for the window size.



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