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Layers & Selecting

Answered Victor Conesa 11 years ago

I'm prototyping a mobile app that will have a search. If I put the keyboard (at bottom) and search icon(at top), that creates a layer that covers the whole device. If I put that layer on top, I can't select anything below it. If I put that layer below the items I need to select in the core app, the keyboard shows up under those elements.

What am I missing? I tried putting the search in a template, in a master and on the app. All locations seem to behave the same way.

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Can you send your prototype to us please? We will take a look at it.


I am having the same problem


Hi Dee,

Could you please elaborate more on what you need? If possible, please share with us a simple example, videoshot o some screenshots so we can see what might be happening.


Sonia Durán

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