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Landscape screen: How to remain in landscape page while navigating to other screens?

In Progress M Makeenaldamouni 4 years ago


My problem is when navigating to other screen through an event or link, the screen returns to its original portrait orientation. I want it to remain at the same landscape orientation when navigating to other screens. Can you help me with this?

Note that I have seen the way you answer questions. it is not so clear. Can you walkthrough me step-by-step in which I can apply it instantly?

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You will need to make the screen orientation landscape. Here's how:

1. Select the base screen in the Outline palette. The base screen has a phone or tablet icon.


2. Now, go to the Properties palette, and look for the 'Orientation' section. There, choose 'Landscape' from the dropdown.


The screen should now be in Landscape in the Justinmind app and when you simulate.

I hope this is more clear, please let me know if you have any questions.


Thank you very much for instructions. However, there is a problem I am facing. I have designed for portrait orientation. When I changed for horizontal and change the places of widgets and switched back to portrait, the portrait orientation was messed up. Can you help me in this problem?


You will need to create event to move elements on the screen if you plan on being able to switch back and forth between portrait and landscape orientations during simulation in your prototype.

It might be easiest to create a Dynamic Panel with two panels - one for the Landscape design and one for the Portrait design. Then, you can create an "On Portrait" + "Set Active Panel" event, which will switch to the Panel with the design for Portrait mode, and an "On Landscape" + "Set Active Panel" event to switch to the Panel with the design for Landscape mode.

We've created a quick example of how that would work.


Thank you for answering. However, in the file you gave me, when I rotate the landscape style is appeared, but my question is what if I want to continue in landscape mode through other screen?

What happens is it either jumps to portrait screen and I have to rotate again to activate the dynamic panel or the dynamic panel does not activate, I end up with a portrait screen in a landscape mode?

I hope my question is clear.



Will the other screens be Landscape by default? Are you looking to create a prototype where if you rotate one screen to Landscape, all the other screens will be Landscape as well? And if you rotate the screen back to Portrait, all the other screens will be portrait?

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