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Usability Enhancement Request: Clicking scrollbar "track" should move by a screenful

Completed Dave 9 years ago

The normal behavior of scrollbars, whether horizontal and vertical, is to advance by a "screenful" when the user clicks in the "track" area outside the sliding proportional "thumb" bar.

Please change the behavior of the editor scrollbars in Justinmind to behave this way. Currently, clicking in the "track" moves only a small fraction of a screenful, which slows down work, particularly because there is no convenient way to scroll horizontally in the canvas.

I know about the space-bar, which turns the cursor to a "hand," but it's extremely non-standard, and doesn't always work: I've given up trying to use it because I'm tired of picking up components and dragging them across the screen because the "hand" didn't show up in time.

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Hi again. It's been a year since I made this request, and I still would like you to consider it. Thank you.


Hi Dave,

Thank you your suggestion. I have transfered this information to our development team so they can take it into account for future updates.


Sonia Durán


Thanks, Sonia. I hope it makes it into the product.

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