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Keydown press reveals each time a different image from a predefined sequence

In Progress Clmnt 4 years ago

Hi, I'm trying to have an event "key down / any key" reveal each time a different element, in a predefined way.

For example, i'm trying to have this

any key press > reveals image 1

another key press > reveals image 2

another key press > reveals image 3

I tried putting conditions after the first reveal : when image 1 is visible, on any key down, show image 2, etc...

But it reveals two images at once, and nothing happens after on keystrokes...

I tried attaching the VP file to the topic but it failed.

Here's a download link :


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This example should help. The difference is that for each condition, you need to specify that the last image is visible and the image you want to show is not visible.


Thanks again, how would you do to have that same behaviour but with a large number of images ?

(like a jpeg image sequence that is properly file numbered for example)

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