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Justimind video tips are unclickable

Known Sharovipteryx 6 years ago

If you get a tip with a video pop-up in Justinmind but you select 'don't show this tip again' checkbox, then play the video and scroll in the video to another time then if you close the video the tip pop-up behind the video pop-up becomes un-clickable. In fact it just gets stuck just out of reach of your pointer and any time you move towards the pop-up with your mouse it moves to the right of it. The only way to get out of this is to shut down the entire program because it's impossible to return to your project afterwards.

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Hi there,

You are right. It is a bug that will need to be solved by our engineers on future updates. Meanwhile, as a workaround you can press "ESC" or you can deactivate this option at "File" / "Preferences" / -Deactivate- "Display tips".



Hi Sonia,

I think there may be another bug related to this. When in the 'New Event' -> 'Add Value Expression' window click on the 'make layer visible/invisible' and drag this clicks through the top window and modifies the contents in the 'New Event' window below.


Hmm small correction... it seems this only happens when you hide the layers on which the action depends and there is no click through. You just have to hide the layer. I'll make another bug report.

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